Klei de hand van de Pottenbakker

En toch, Here, bent U onze vader. Wij zijn het klei en U bent de pottenbakker. Wij zijn allemaal gevormd door uw hand. (Jesaja 64:8)

Welkom op zondag 18 juni om 10.00 uur in de Hofrustkapel!

In the hands of the Divine, we are clay,
Fashioned by the Potter, in a mystical way.
God’s tender touch molds our very core,
Shaping us with love, forevermore.

With gentle expertise, the Potter’s hands,
Crafting vessels of beauty, as destiny commands.
From formless beginnings, He gives us shape,
Bestowing purpose, no step He’ll forsake.

As the wheel of life spins, we whirl and turn,
The Potter’s artistry, a lesson to learn.
Through trials and triumphs, we’re shaped anew,
Refined by His fire, His love shining through.

In times of brokenness, when we crack and strain,
The Potter’s mending touch eases every pain.
With skilled precision, He reshapes our flaws,
Creating vessels of grace, without pause.

Each unique piece, no two just the same,
The Potter’s vision, a masterpiece to claim.
He crafts vessels of honor, strength, and light,
His purpose within us, glowing ever bright.

When doubts assail, and we question our worth,
Remember the Potter who gave us birth.
For in His hands, we find solace and peace,
Knowing we’re treasured, our souls find release.