Avond van Gebed

Op honderden plekken staan christenen stil bij het lijden én het geloof van hun broers en zussen in landen als Jemen, Noord-Korea, Iran, Nepal en China.

Op vrijdag 31 mei organiseert Open Doors de Aonvd/Nacht van Gebed. Overal in Nederland, België en andere landen komen mensen samen om te bidden. Ook wij doen mee.

Welkom op vrijdagavond van 20 tot ong. 23 uur. Bid met ons mee voor de vervolgde kerk.

Luister naar dit lied als een gebed voor gelovigen wereldwijd…

In the shadowed corners where silence dwells,
Where faith is tested by oppressive knells,
We lift our voices in prayerful plea,
For those who suffer, may they find decree.

In lands where freedom’s but a distant dream,
Where faith is tested in the harshest scheme,
We pray for strength, for courage bold,
For hearts steadfast in trials untold.

For those who bear the weight of persecution’s might,
Who face the darkness, yet cling to the Light,
Grant them endurance, O Lord, we pray,
And guide them through each trying day.

For those oppressed, whose voices are suppressed,
Whose cries for justice are oft repressed,
May justice flow like a righteous stream,
And hope arise, a beacon gleam.

May love conquer hatred, may peace abide,
In every heart where turmoil resides.
And may the bonds of faith and love,
Uplift the persecuted, like wings of a dove.

In our prayers, we stand united, strong,
For the persecuted, we sing our song.
May their faith inspire, may their courage ignite,
Until the dawn breaks through the darkest night.